Written by Vickie Alicea

Hello Retirees,


*August 2018 was the National Convention, which was held in Pittsburgh, PA.  The Delegates representing the retirees spoke during general session to express our position of being allowed a full voice at conventions without being required to pay full dues.  According to Retiree Delegate, Dave Bernstein it didn’t go over very well with the active members on the convention floor, some of the active members spoke against us.  There were several National Officers didn’t support us as well.  We can’t let that stop us from pushing forward and continue to present our position.  It’s very sad that we are having this fight, but it is most certainly a necessary one.

*October 8th, 2018, a “US Mail Is Not For Sale” Rally was held Nationwide, I’m proud to say in most cases it was mainly the Retirees that were out in full force making our voices heard to try and save the Postal Service from privatization.  I’d like to thank those of you who were out there at the Rally with Posters and T-shirts informing our communities of how detrimental privatization would be as it relates to the US Postal Service.


*November 12, 2018 through December 10, 2018, is Open Season for Health Plans, everyone should have received a large envelope in the mail regarding health insurance plans.  If you haven’t received the envelope or need additional information, you can call 1-800-332-9798 or Go online to Open Season at https://retireefehb.opm.go

Lastly, here are five Holiday Safety Tips:

  • Avoid driving alone or at night.
  • Keep all car doors locked and windows closed while in or out of your car. Set your alarm or use an anti-theft device.
  • If you must shop at night, park in a well-lighted area.
  • Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with camper shells, or cars with tinted windows.
  • Park as close as you can to your destination and take notice of where you parked. 
   Wishing Everyone A Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!!!


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